• My mission

    To accompany you in meeting your objectives in your sports, schooling, personal and other ambitions.

  • My professional experience

    My training and experience in career counselling and as a training professional form the solid base on which to realize your project.

  • My sports experience

    My training and 20 years of experience as a sports coach, and my career as an athlete at the national level will be helpful in my understanding your projects and objectives.

Sports psychology consultant

I have lived the life of competitions and in the sports world, observed it, learned from it. I know an athlete’s reality, world, motivations, issues, preoccupations and needs. While my career as an athlete has taught me discipline and the importance of a winner’s outlook, it has also shown me the importance of those around me. As an athlete and trainer, I developed a global view and a different understanding of the role of each of the athlete’s many supporters (parents, friends, trainers, teachers, etc.) I therefore decided to group my knowledge of the sports world, of the academic world, and my experience of personalized support, and to reach out to young athletes. My motivation? To give back by offering to athletes what I have had the chance to appreciate during my short career, that is, a quality support and monitoring that is both kind and professional.